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PROJECT CERTAINTY through the application of talented PEOPLE, appropriate TECHNOLOGY that aligns to the correct PROCESS.


Fulcro offers a step change in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction sector. 

Our specialist team enables;

  • Faster Delivery

  • Improved Quality

  • Increased Value

For our Clients

(Investors/Owner Operators of Buildings).




We Design

We Detail

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"Our values are what keep our people, our products and services on the right road to success. They are what makes Fulcro so special, and are key to our clients' experience working with us"


Ben Haldin, Managing Director



We provide Architecture that is inter-disciplinary and that is led by an architectural team that works without boundaries via a collaborative digital prototype.

Applied Technologies


Our highly proficient team of experts are always exploring and developing new technologies to improve information management and collaborative design.

Volumetric Modular Construction


Skiilled in offsite and volumetric modular construction, our team use a range of BIM and virtual design and construction processes to ensure a high level of accuracy in the design and manufactur of volumetric modular construction.

Interdisciplinary Design


We believe that the only way to break the barriers between disciplines and increase efficiency is to have a single integrated team working to the same goal and with common data and information.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)


We create nD design prototypes of the design, to simulate, test, debate and decide on the design and construction processes. To mitigate risk and optimise value. We call this Virtual Design and Construction.

Design and Construction Coordination


With over 15 years' experience in pioneering design coordination and construction detailing, we lead the way in nD digital prototyping and design team leadership that enables construction ready  design.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Fulcro was delivering BIM and working towards collaborative prototyping before the term BIM was coined by the CAD industry journalist(s). BIM is a process and methodology of creating and accessing design data and information through the application of 3D CAD modelling and data integration. That must also include the leadership and management of people.

Systematic Improvement


Using Lean Principles and Triz (the art of asking dumb questions) , we work with teams to identify betterment and enable certainty. We do this in partnership with Lean Construction International.



A step change is required in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector, one that delivers faster and better for less for its customers and clients.

The Fulcro Group provides services that revolve around a central theme of "Concurrent Digital Prototyping" .

A a single source of data, associated and connected to a data driven  dimensional computer aided design prototype, which evolves with the phases of the construction project, from conception through to the design,  construction and operation. 


Applied Technologies

Max Mallia-Parfiit
 Operations Director 

Tel: +44 1789 490000


Design for Construction Coordination Services 

Owen Vickery
Operations Director

Tel: +44 1789 490000


Design Team Leadership and Design Authorship

Sarah Hawkins
Operations Director

Tel: +44 1789 490000



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