Leadership Team

Ben Haldin

Managing Director

Ben Haldin co founded Fulcro over 14 years ago. His passion to improve the Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry through technology, process and people is underpinned by working with inteligent clients. Oh and asking dumb questions like "WHY ?" and "SHOW ME ?".

Owen Vickery

Operations Director

Owen has held several key leadership and principle positions within the UK Design and Construction Sectors. Managing multidisciplinary teams and organising systems and proceedures to protect the business and thus ensuring customers expectations are met.

Colin Gilmore-Merchant

Director of Architecture

Colin is a leading practitioner in the UK construction industry. He has worked in sectors as diverse as commercial office, higher education, health, transport and government buildings. He is an advisor to regional and national government bodies in the UK on design-related issues.

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Jim Barry


Jim is an experienced business manager and has an exemplary track record in steering niche businesses into the high value, high return sectors of the market. This success is based upon ensuring quality of service whilst working with clients that appreciate the services our businesses provide.

Adam Nickless


Adam is a unique talent who has an exceptional knowledge of interdisciplinary design for manufacture and assembly. His skills our founded around Architectural technology and design with Building Services design coordination capability, sprinkled with a world class appreciation for volumetric and modular design experience.

Sarah Hawkins


Sarah is passionate and driven to extract every possible piece of value from a poject team to enable project success. Sarah is driven by a desire to change the method or project delivery to ensure improved value to all. With an unprecedented track record in project success and Integrated Project Delivery Sarah is able to energise any team to better perform. 

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